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The creator of a singular sound which he dubbed “folk-funk,” multi-instrumentalist Bobby Rushwas among the most colorful characters on the contemporary chitlin circuit, honing a unique style which brought together a cracked lyrical bent with elements of blues, soul, and funk. Born Emmit Ellis, Jr. in Homer, LA, on November 10, 1940, he and his family relocated to Chicago in 1953, where he emerged on the West Side blues circuit of the 1960s, fronting bands which included such notable alumni as Luther Allison and Freddie King. However, as Rushbegan to develop his own individual sound, he opted to forgo the blues market in favor of  targeting the chitlin circuit, which offered a more receptive audience for his increasingly bawdy material; he notched his first hit in 1971 with his Galaxy label single “Chicken Heads,” and later scored with “Bow-Legged Woman” for Jewel. He appeared on a wide variety of labels

Bobby Rush

as the decade progressed, culminating in the 1979 LP Rush Hour, produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff for their Philadelphia International imprint. During the early ’80s, Rush signed with the LaJam label, where he remained for a number of years; there his work became increasingly funky and deranged, with records like 1984’s Gotta Have Money and 1985’s What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander often featuring material so suggestive he refused to re-create it live. During the mid-’90s, Rush moved to Waldoxy, heralding a return to a soul-blues sound on LPs including 1995’s One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show, 1997’s Lovin’ a Big Fat Woman, and 2000’s Hoochie Man. In April 2001, his tour bus crashed, injuring several bandmembers and killing one, Latisha Brown. Rush was hospitalized for a short time, then returned home to recuperate. Rush returned to action in 2003 with the release of the Live from Ground Zero CD and DVD on his own label, Deep Rush, followed by Folkfunk, also on Deep Rush, in 2004. Rush released two albums in 2005, Hen Pecked and Night Fishin’, and continued his prolific activity with 2008’s Look at What You Gettin’, which offered a mix of ballads, soul, and bluesy double entendres.


Over the past four decades, Gino has honed his skills as a trumpet and flugelhorn artist adding Latin jazz percussions to his repertoire.
A master artist and performer, Gino decided in 2008 it was time to break away and embark on his own, forming Gino Goss and

Gino Goss

Jammajazz. In 2009, he released is debut CD ALMOST FAMOUS to glowing reviews.
Various cuts from this freshman CD can be heard globally. Gino is currently in the studio working on his sophomore CD, having released three singles from that CD, Funk It Up, Kalimba Dreaming and award winning Night In Rio to glowing reviews.
Through Gino’s close work with some of the world’s greatest musicians, as well as drawing from a wide-ranging repertoire of pop, jazz, contemporary, and R&B music he has been led to create aesthetically rewarding performances which capture and accentuates the warmth, excitement, chemistry, and spontaneity of his shows.
In 2012, Gino became a six time nominee and four time winner of Indie Music Channel Awards, including Producer of the Year.
Gino’s unique sound and style leaves you with a silky, sexy, smooth and mystical feeling.
Gino is also an accomplished abstract artist.  www.ginogoss.com



Cool Ricky Blues, formerly known as Ric-E-Bluez, is an independent blues artist doing blues his way. Not only has Ricky been performing the blues since 1998 with his self-entitled CD Ric-E-Bluez but he also writes and arranges his own music. Ricky’s mission is to bring young people to the blues scene by singing the blues with a twist.

Cool Rickey Blues

His blues style has a contemporary feel infused with humor, soul, and an uplifting message. His first CD Ric-E-Bluez (1998) has soul stirring songs like Bad Feelin and I Should a Known and he added a little humor with Lemon Drop. His second CD Sexy Soul (2006) has an uplifting message with a song called That’s Why I Still Love You and a song that makes you want to dance called Shake. Ricky’s love for singing the blues has allowed him to perform for many. He has graced the stage in: Davenport, Iowa; Ardmore, Oklahoma; Hope, Arkansas; Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama; Houston, Dallas, and Port Lavaca, Texas; McComb, Jackson and Tunica, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee just to name a few. More confident than ever, Cool Ricky Blues is releasing his third CD entitled My Blues, My Soul (2012).  Cool Ricky Blues is a devoted husband and father of three. He grew up in Summit, Mississippi where he discovered his love of the blues and music that spoke to the soul. He loved listening to Muddy Waters, Albert King, Sam Cooke, Jimmy Reed, Otis Redding, B.B. King and Johnny Taylor. Growing up Ricky was quiet, easy going and very creative. In high school, he was known for playing football and his fashion edge. Not only did he love music but he also loved designing clothes. Even to this day, if he can’t figure out what to wear, he might just make something. Ricky is on a mission to keep blues alive and singing it with a twist. www.coolrickyblues.com


“The Music Doctor”



Very few music artists operate like The Music Doctor. Cornelius MD brings to the stage an intoxicating, romantic and captivating voice that closely resembles “The Maestro” himself Barry White with an injection of Isaac Hayes.  Born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Cornelius MD was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. He attended Arkansas A & M

Cornelius MD

University in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and served six years in the United States Air Force. He always had a love and passion for music. In 2008, Cornelius MD signed with Domain Records one of the oldest and most prestigious record labels in America. Ironically, Tony Sepe, President of Domain Records was Barry White’s manager and helped write one of Barry’s greatest hits, “My First, My Last, and My Everything.”  Unfortunately, after signing with Domain Records, Tony Sepe became ill and passed away a short time later. During his time with domain Records, Cornelius MD came in contact with members of the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Steve Guillory, guitar player and writer of “Don’t Play Games” on Barry White’s last album. Emmitt North, guitar player who played 25 years with Barry White; Hence Powell who played keyboard for Barry White and DeLacy White who played drums. And last but not least, Mike Nunes, son of Larry Nunes, the man who discovered Barry White. Those closest to the Late, Great Barry White have endorsed Cornelius MD, the “Music Doctor” to carry the torch, mantle, and legacy of the sexy and sultry sound of the baritone vocalist.  In recent years, Cornelius MD has opened for legendary acts such as Dionne Warwick, Ray, Goodman and Brown, and the Chi-lites to name a few. Cornelius MD’s music was recently presented to one of R&B’s most legendary managers, Mr. Joe Douglas who represents the world-reknown group Frankie Beverly and Maze. Given the nod, on June 28, 2011 Cornelius MD signed on with Joe Douglas Management.  The Music Doctor is working on his own prescription for love, his latest single “I Belong to You” a remake of a song written, arranged, and produced by the late, great, Barry White. His new album, “The Best of Cornelius MD” will be released in the summer of 2012. “Dreams do come true if you want them to”  myPPK.com/get/corneliusmd FLUENCES: Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Arthur Prysock.  www.corneliusmd.com


Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”!
That’s the way Will Ready lives his life. No excuses, no regrets
and no looking back! Wills approach to success has everything to do with perfection, his love of music, writing and a strong Will to ensure he arrives at his destination Ready for any obstacles he may need to face. Wills story reflects his love of basketball, his admiration of pioneers in the music business and a small twist of fate that sidelined him from basketball and place him on the path of melodies and music. At 6’4″ and 200 pounds, Will’s presence is hard to miss. It seemed natural that

Wiil Ready

basketball would be part of his life and it was until a fatal knee injury took him away from college basketball and into the arena of show stopping

entertainment. Will’s full service music business, known as (RMG) Ready Music Group, is built for success. Will views the injury as a blessing in disguise, one which he capitalized on through his music and keen business savvy.  Will is the total package entertainer. His quests has landed him on the international radar with welcoming fans in Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. Will has opened shows for music legends such as Chaka Khan, The Temptations, The Whispers and Al Jarreau among others. Will attributes his silky seductive style to his love of “Old School” R&B, Soul, Jazz artists such as Smokey Robinson, Baby Face, Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat, Quincy Jones and Berry Gordy, who’s tenacity for breaking barriers and building empires is evident in Will’s approach. Ready or not, Will has the soulful sound of a balladeer whose focus is to please and tease.. www.willready.com


With so many Indie artist out in the market today it’s hard to get to know everyone but the moment I crossed the path of Delbert J Boyer and he introduced me to his band “Aniya” and I spent time listening to the CD “Full Circle”  I can honestly say I’m so Blessed to have gotten this


chance and look forward to spreading the word.   Aniya’s Projuct “Full Circle” is a perfect title for this CD. This has a mixture of spices where you get a lot of flavor for your buck. This CD is something that takes care of everyone’s liking. You get the deep heartfelt tracks such as “Andreanna” & the seductive track “A Second Chance”, to the familiar song of “Amazing Grace” where you heart is feels full of Love. You also get a track withsplendid vocals you can sing along with “Count Your Blessing” and don’t forget the tracks that make you feel happy and that you can rock your body to, “Latina Lu”. Thank You Delbert and Aniya’s Band for such a Beautiful Project!  http://aniyajazz.com

Full Circle

author: Richard Blackwell

When I meet this fantastic group in 2009, I knew they were destined for musical greatness. Aniya is breath of fresh air. Their music takes you where you need to be, a place of comfort and relaxation, like riding on an ocean breeze. I am excited to work with this amazing group of gentlemen and outstanding musicians. So As you Keep It Moving, be sure and Count Your Blessings, because with God’s Amazing Grace, you will get a Second Chance in life to go Full Circle. I am so happy that God has blessed Aniya’s Dream. Get their latest CD, ‘Full Circle’, and you will see what I mean.


A native of South Louisiana, Joyce’s musical influence came early and often starting with her grandfather, Freeman Fontenot, who was a musician and one of the originators of Zydeco music. Most of the family gatherings included music, song, and dance where Joyce was continuously influenced by Blues, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Gospel, and the charismatic flavor of South

Joyce Spencer

Louisiana Zydeco, which all played a major role in her musical development. The resources to study music in her small town were very limited during her childhood, so Joyce did not hesitate to join the beginner’s school band in 5th grade playing the clarinet, where she received the outstanding band member’s award. In 12th grade, she traded the clarinet for the

tenor sax, and added the alto sax and flute in college where she majored in instrumental music education. Her college experience afforded her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and training in many areas of music, especially in classical and jazz. This experience has also allowed her to become even more creative in writing and composing.After an approximate

20-year hiatus, Joyce returned to her love and passion for music and released her first CD, “Sweet Dreams”, in 2010. Joyce said, “I stopped waiting to be discovered and discovered myself.” (She uses this statement to hopefully encourage others who may feel that it’s too late or they are too old to pursue music.) Her CD is a collection of eleven amazingly beautiful songs and instrumentals of smooth jazz, inspirational jazz, with a hint of folk/ Latin jazz on soprano/alto sax, flute, and vocals.Media, friends, and fans of the artist have labeled her CD Inspirational Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and Smooth/Contemporary Gospel, but she plays all styles. She was nominated Best Female Artist by the South Florida Gospel Music Awards in 2010 and 2011. http://himrp.com/joyce.aspx


International Recording Artist and Producer

Multi-talented artist Enois Scroggins hails from Muskogee, Oklahoma, and is known internationally as “Old School Brother,” or Uncle Enois. Scroggins’ acclaimed career spans over 30

Enois Scroggins

years and includes numerous awards and performances on TV shows including The Legend Evangelist, The Jim Baker Show in Branson, Missouri, and The Bobbie Jones Gospel Show with his Gospel group, “Family Friend.” Among peers, Scroggins has worked with some of music industry’s greatest legends including, Ronnie Wilson from the legendary R&B trio, “The GAP

Band”; Charlie Singleton, lead singer and guitarist for the legendary group, Cameo, and world-renowned Jazz saxophone player Branford Marsalis. Enois has six albums, two with his Gospel group, “Family Friend,” and four with his friend and songwriter Oliv’ released since 2009. He and Oliv’ have collaborated with artists from all over the world to release great music for the mind and soul. enoisscroggins@att.net  www.ENOISSCROGGINS.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com/enois4france

Jeanette started playing the piano at the age of 7 and the saxophone when she was ten.  She connected with the sax right away and soon realized that people enjoyed hearing her play. During high school, Jeanette played lead alto in Roosevelt’s jazz band, marching band and Latin jazz


band.She also played piano in the Fresno City College Latin Jazz band her Junior and Senor year in high school. After high school, Jeanette went to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where she graduated with a Bachelor in music performance. She has been rockin’ the stage ever since.  In 2005, Jeanette was recognized as a “Shooting Star” and nominated for “Best Jazz Instrumentalist” by the L.A Black Music Awards. She’s had the privilege of opening for and performing with big named artist including The Rippingtons, Kirk Whalum, Veretta Hathaway, Paul Jackson Jr., Baby Face, B.B King, Everette Harp, Andre Fischer, Najee, Phil Perry, Howard Huit, Denise Williams, Eric Marienthaland and Pieces Of a Dream to name a few. She’s played in big jazz festivals all over the United States and performed in Japan for the first time in 2008.  Jeanette is currently performing with the legendary Teena Marie on saxophone and flute as well as with her own band.  Jeanette was the executive producer and songwriter on her second CD “Reflections” and is currently producing her third CD “Saxified”.  Her live shows are full of high energy solos and mesmerizing soulful melodies that leave the audience wanting more!  www.jeanetteharrisband.com


Rod Tate is a smooth/contemporary jazz and R&B saxophonist/songwriter, based out of his hometown, St. Louis, MO. Rod is a full time musician that performs as a solo act, duo(2 Smooth with guitarist Gregg “Happy Guitar” Haynes) and with his 5 piece band. Rod attended Normandy High School in St. Louis Missouri. He was part of the music program under the direction of Bob Boedges. He was a member of the Jazz (Norseman), Concert, and Marching bands. In his senior year he was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz award, which is given each year to the senior who shows great promise in the jazz arena. After high school, Rod attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He was part of the music

Rod Tate

program under the direction of Brett Stamps, where his focus was Jazz performance . He was a member of the Jazz bands, combos, studied theory and the business of music. During his college days, is when his love of jazz intensified, in particular Traditional/Straight Ahead Jazz. As a performer he has opened for contemporary jazz group Spyra Gyra, Pieces of A Dream, Chuck Loeb, Bob Baldwin, Marion Meadows, Phil Perry, Ramsey Lewis, Legendary Poet Sonia Sanchez and Lonnie Liston Smith. He has opened for Gospel artist Richard Smallwood and Gospel jazz keyboardist Ben Tankard, comedian /actor Tommy Davidson, Tavis Smiley, as well as, Hall of famer, Ozzie Smith. Rod has appeared on B.E.T.’s segment of Jazz Discoveries. He has appeared on St. Louis’ Fox(Channel 2) morning show. He has appeared on St. Louis’ Show Me St. Louis on KSDK(Channel 5). Rod’s music can be heard or has been heard on The Weather Channel, Music Choice, DMX Music and many radio stations across the world. Rod was named smooth jazz artist of the month on EchoSmoothJazz.com. Rod was named smooth jazz artist of the month on Whitester Radio-Smoothjazz.com. As an artist, performer, and musician. Rod’s goals are to continue to learn, grow, and to touch lives positively through his musical expressions. As a songwriter, Rod’s motto is: ” This music is intended to soothe your soul and speak love to your spirit “. Rod also aspires to have his music in movies, commercials, and television programming. Below is a partial list of Organizations/Corporations/Clubs that Rod has performed for : *The Gatesworth *Partners For Progress *The St. Louis Rams *The Demetrious Johnson Foundation *The Joe Torry Foundation *JFK Construction *US Bank *Mt. Pleasant Winery *Hidden Lake Winery *President Casino *Ameristar Casino *Harrah’s Casino *Westborough Country Club *Marriot Hotel *Hilton Hotel *New Town *Cafe’ Bellagio *Cafe’ Napoli *Finale *The Loft *St. Louis Jazz Cafe *The Pageant *MO Black Expo * The Cabanne House *Club Divinity *Victorian House Of Agape *Anheuser Busch *Clear Channel Broadcasting *Bonneville Broadcasting *Missouri History Museum *St. Louis Galleria *The Robert’s Bros. *Plaza Motors *St. Charles Princess Cruises. Rod’s music has aired on DMX, Music Choice, The Weather Channel, Internet smooth jazz stations and many college & commercial stations around the country. http://www.rodtate.com


Rod (short for Rodney) was born in Newark, NJ. He developed a love for music at an early age while growing up in the Newark Public School System. He started out with the violin and moved on to the clarinet. Rod later became interested in the saxophone after hearing Grover

Rod Williams

Washington Jr.’s “Mr. Magic” which he used as his audition piece to get into Arts High School in Newark, NJ. Rod is a talented musician who’s diverse style includes a blend of R&B, Smooth Jazz, Classic Soul, Old School and New. He arranged, recorded and produced all of his music in his own home studio. Rod has been making a name for himself while playing at various local clubs, events throughout the state of NJ and local Jazz Festivals. Upon completion of his CD “the journey” Rod’s music will be available through amazon and itunes. Under the management of Jiordyn Clements. http://www.facebook.com/#!/rod.willams


Octave Motives the third official CD release by Gary Fuston including 10 music tracks featuring electric guitar and keyboard synth mixes. All music composed produced and recorded by Gary Fuston under his own production company G. House Productions. After the release of “The Best Of G. Fuston”2003 and “Unwind” 2004, Gary took a break from recording and started promoting independent artists on his weekly internet radio show G. House Jazz & More featured on GHP RADIO. This time Gary was able to take his time on this project compared to the time he devoted to his previous projects therefore he feels that this is a much better production for this CD release of Octave Motives.

Gary Fuston

Cool grooves simple melodies and pure soul & heart went into the making of Octave Motives.  Music composer producer, internet radio dj host and music promoter. Gary Fuston has been involved with music practically most of his life from the time he laid hands on the piano and organ as a child growing up until the time he joined the school band playing drums and percussion through out graduating from high school. During the last years of high school Gary was also playing guitar with a group that was formed by friends that was called the T.O.C. Band. During the time Gary was a member of the group (1979-1982) he was given a art scholarship to attend the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma as a art major and became a member of the USAO jazz band. Over the years Gary has established his self as a writer, artist, producer and composer and now added to his resume a internet radio dj host for GHP RADIO. http://ghpradio.ning.com and http://ghouseproductions.net


Milwaukee born guitar veteran, Maurice Johnson first gained notice in 1985 shortly after forming the Oklahoma City based, “After Five” band. Considered the young lions of jazz, “After Five” gained a great deal of popularity, sharing the stage with major acts including, George Benson, George Howard, Norman Brown, Nancy Wilson, Al Green, Alex Bungon, Stanley Tunein-app, Little Melton, Mary Wright, Ronny Laws, Jennifer Holiday, Freddy Jackson, Larry Coryell, Barney Kessel and many others. In 1991 the group signed with New York

label, Warlock Records and released the EXPRESSIONS CD. After a nearly ten-year stint, “After Five” would ultimately disband. As the early 90’s unfolded, Maurice found himself at the helm of a unique industry as co-founder of D’Leco Acoustic Instruments with luthier / partner James W. Dale. The two built and marketed handcrafted archtop guitars. After a chance


encounter with the daughter of legendary Jazz great, Charlie Christian they designed and licensed two exclusive lines of Charlie Christian guitar models to American manufacturer, Gibson Guitars and Samick Musical Instruments in Korea. Between 1996 and 2003 Maurice authored three nationally published music related books with Mel Bay Publishing, Mix Books and Artist Pro Press. Titles include, The New Working Musician’s One Year Organizer; Build and Manage Your Music Career and Gigorama. During this time he would develop the popular windows based, Gigorama software. Today, Maurice’s focus has turned back to his love of music with the recent release of his “Tonight” CD, and is currently producing under the artist-owned, Jazz Drops record label. www.mauricejohnson.com


Redd performs it is always a musical treat.” Additional reviews state that, “Her vocals are sultry and emotional, from the heart is exactly where her vocals come from…A strong personality and interesting life experiences she shares these through her lyrics on a real level” – Just Soul. Growing up in her native Atlanta, Georgia, Toni discovered a love for music. As a child, Toni studied the guitar and developed an interest in singing. She parlayed this interest into a dream that has afforded her the ability to perform and record internationally. In her illustrious

career, she has had the honor of performing and sharing concert billing with Najee, Gerald Albright, Jonathan Butler, The Rippingtons, Pieces of A Dream, Alex Bugnon, Angela Bofill, Rick Braun, Everette Harp, The Yellowjackets, Gerald Austin, Stanley Jordan, Brian Bromberg, Steve Cole, Fattburger, Chico DeBarge, Pamela Williams, The Temptations, Warren Hill, Oleta Adams, The Stylistics, Walter Beasley, Steve Laury, Joe McBride, Marion Meadows, Kim Waters and others. Toni is a routinely featured artist at various jazz festivals including the

Toni Redd

Atlanta Jazz Festival. Toni is also a gifted songwriter whose recording credits include her international debut CD “Straight From the Heart”, and her newly-released sophomore project entitled, “N The Key of Redd”, both of which continue to receive rave reviews. Toni is also a featured vocalist on Fattburger’s “Fattburger.com” and Bob Baldwin’s “Newurbanjazz.com” CDs. Ms. Redd is an all-around performer and actress whose voice can be heard on National Commercial Jingles. Additionally, Toni’s live performances mesmerize and captivate her audience with high intensity and erupting energy…  www.toniredd.com



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